SE photoPlanning a Party? 

The Silver Spoon Tea House can provide a charming atmosphere for your wedding or baby shower, book club, birthday celebration or any smaller gathering.

We set it up, you get to socialize with your guests and we do all the cleanup and service.

How do we serve our guests for a party?

When your guests arrive they will find your party room already pre-set with individual place settings. Hosts will be provided tea menus from which they or their group may select an assortment of teas based upon the service level chosen, (herbal & decaf selections, and French Press Coffee are also available). (refills for beverages other than tea will be an extra charge) Larger parties are served buffet style.

Use of Entire Facility

Full Tea Service for 20-45 guests after normal business hours. 20 guest minimum 28.00 per person, plus after hours rental fee depending on time of year, day of week, etc. Fees begin at 300.00 for weekdays and 500.00 for weekends (tax and 20% gratuity will be added) Perfect for Company or Group Christmas Parties! Please call to inquire how we can customize your requests.

Throughout the year, The Silver Spoon Tea House will create “Special Teas” which will bring an element of change and surprise to our patrons. We will host seasonal tea parties such as Mother’s Day Tea, Poetry Tea, Musical Interlude Tea, Christmas Teas and a fall craft show just to name a few! Check our fan page on Facebook to see our postings of such Special Teas.